Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jewelry Posted

Jewelry I have posted on Etsy or sold locally. 

A fun Halloween necklace!  I loved the pumpkin dog beads!  Once I saw them I had to make a fall necklace!

I made the bat beads for one of the Halloween necklaces I made.
 Other beads I have engraved. 
 I love this necklace!
This necklace just happened one day, were I was in the right place at the right time.  "Bolt" just came together.  There are also two small black lighting bolts next to "Mittens" (the cat) that are hard to see due to the dark back ground.
 This is a fun "Cat Lady" necklace.  There are wood fish, spools and a cat clasp.  The main pendent is so cute!
 These were a test to see how wine glass charms would look and they came out so well I posted them on Etsy. 
 A great set to wear to church.
 This came about due to people losing their glasses, especially at nursing homes.  The beads would be engraved with the person's name and other items they liked, so when the glasses were put down the staff knew who they belonged to!
 Really fun set to wear golfing!  This is a resin set, normally I work only in "natural" materials but this set was just too much fun to not make!  
 A custom and fun headband!
 Custom hair pin!  My favorite dog is on this one!
 I found these hat pins and had to try a custom bead on the end.  So cool for the hat pin collectors!
 Now a days brides want to pick out their own rings, so here is a ring to propose with so she can pick out her engagement ring later.  The bead can be removed and put in a scrapbook. 
 Ceramic and glass necklace!