Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas Jewelry

These are some items I made for Christmas for customers and family.

What says Merry Christmas more then a necklace that is engraved and filled in with gold that spells out "MERRY CHRISTMAS"!   The picture is hard to see but shows really well in person!

 A close-up of the main charms on a necklace I made.
 Ladybug set for a special lady who loves ladybugs!
What do you get a woman who has a train crazy boy who was born the same year the train quarter came out?  A train quarter set with his name cut in it!  A local artist cut the coin and made the earrings.  The key chain was the "left overs" from the earrings.  I made the necklace and key chain.  The artist's webpage is

 This was requested by a customer, I did the engraving and coloring. 
Shell and ceramic necklace, I loved this set!  These large shells break very easily so I do not make these anymore. 
 The pendent has a name one one side above a beautiful quarts section showing.  The backside has a peace sign on it.
 Requested necklaces for name tag clips. 
 Fun gift boxes!