Sunday, February 19, 2012

Instructable: Easy No-Mess Chocolate Chunks From Chocolate Bars

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How to make easy to clean up no-mess chocolate chunks from bars of chocolate.  This is for all those chocolate chunk recipes, people who have allergies and can only find chocolate bars (cannot find chocolate chips) and those people who would like to make chocolate chunk cookies out of their favorite chocolate bars.    Also is great for melting chocolate in a double boiler, the smaller the chunks the faster the chocolate melts.

I have "kid" tested this with a 4 year old and they could break the bar a few times but I ended up doing most of the work.  Thus kids please have an adult help with this activity.  

This may sound like a silly instructable but I made a mess or lost pieces of chocolate to the floor the first few times I made chocolate chunks so I posted this for a Kitchen Skills Contest. 

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