Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My First 40K Building

Here is the first war game building I designed (along with some other terrain, I did not take a picture of just this building after painting it.)   The war gaming guys requested city terrain.  I modeled it after a small 1940s apartment building I found pictures of online.  The building was originally designed to be "whole" at the beginning of the game and as artillery (tank type fire) hit it whole pieces would be swapped out for damaged pieces.   I have not gotten around to making the whole pieces for this set yet. (Got busy designing other pieces of terrain.)

The small 1940s apartment building has three stories and a roof. The base is three levels with stairs up to the door.  The picture below is showing the different levels.

The back of the building is shown below.  I was testing out if windows should be cutout or not.  I got a lot of complaints from the guys so I now will cut all windows out.  I was thinking I could store my mini's in here when not in play, which is why I was trying not to cut the windows out.  If the windows are cutout or not does not really matter in RPGs, but in war games it does!

 Font of building.  The guys really liked the blown out look, they liked it even more after I painted it.

Monday, May 21, 2012

War Game Terrain, the start and downfall of it all...

How I started designing war game terrain and now it is an obsession. 

I loved making doll furniture and houses so when my 40k loving husband and his friends (aka the guys) suggested war game terrain my creative juices would not stop!   My first design was of the 1940s three story brick apartment building shown below, they had been talking about having a war in the city. 

 The guys also wanted a windmill they could climb up and fight in so after six designs I made one they liked both in texture and physical design.  One of the guys does not like "perfect" stones and bricks so I have designed textures that are not perfect.  

The farm set is great for war game and RPG terrain.  I love how the barn, house and windmill come apart to put minis in!  The outhouse has been the guys favorite piece.  The guys keep joking about both commanders have to GO!  Last army holding the outhouse wins!  I am currently working on pieces to add to the farm house for RPG games.  The trick is to make them small enough to feel "real" but big enough my laser can cut it. I can just image a Call of Cthulhu (or other adventure clue based game) using this set with furniture and other "sprue" like items to use for the game.