Saturday, July 21, 2012

Some Other Pieces I have Made

Update for Farm Set Kickstarter:
 This update is to show some of the other pieces I have made and painted (some of the pieces are in the Farm Set Kickstarter).  The building is modeled off of a 1940 small apartment building that went through WWII.  The original plan for this building was to have it start the game complete then as mortars/tank fire hit it, replace the pieces to show the damage to the building.  The building is five pieces (after assembly): base, door (1st floor), second floor, third floor and roof.

The windmill is windmill #4 it has a stone texture and is three pieces.  The bottom, middle and top.  The doors also are removable in this windmill.  The ladders go inside the windmill to climb between the different levels, in the picture the ladders were used to get to the platform.  Removing the layers would disturb the models in it so I have redesigned it again (Windmill #5, not shown).

The outhouse was design #2.  The door swung inward but the inside piece would not allow the door to fully open so I redesigned it to the Kickstarter outhouse, which has the door that swings outward and extended the base and roof.

Kickstarter Outhouse

The trees and bridges are in the Kickstarter.  The foot bridge I painted to look dirty and the large bridge I painted to look warn, like lots of tanks or wagons had driven over it.

Trees Not Finished

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