Monday, July 16, 2012

Windmill Prototypes

I thought it might be fun to show some of the windmill prototypes I have made.  For some reason the first design never comes out right, it always needs some tweaking to make it great!  I have made and tweaked 6 windmill prototypes. I have added some notes on the different designs. The best two are windmills #3 and #6.

Windmill #1
Was a learning experience, hexagons are not equal sided when using the hexagon tool.  The blades were way too small and the lower access does not allow tightening of the thumb screw.  The brick design was chosen to match the farm house.

Windmill #2
Hexagon now has equal sides and the top part is closer to round.  Doors are off set. No design was added to save on laser time and cost.
Windmill #3
Doors are even and there is an access to tighten the thumb screw!  (Though it can be a challenge to install the thumb screw after gluing the windmill together but it can be done!)  The doors are for looks and do not open. This is a great terrain piece!  The inside is empty so no 3rd floor, but this is the quickest and easiest windmill to assemble!

Windmill #4 (is really labeled #5 in the first picture, sorry!)
Was asked for a windmill that could have a fight scene in it.  This windmill has doors that open and three levels.  The walls lift off (of the top two levels) to a flat surface.  The bottom balcony lifts off the bottom section.  When the top two levels are removed it can knock over the minis.  Windmill has the cobble stone design on it.  This windmill is also harder to assemble and not as sturdy as I would like.

Windmill #5 (is really labeled #4 in the first picture, sorry!)
Instead of the walls & roof being removed to access each level, now only the tops come off of each level.  The doors can be removed, the third level door was removed since access to the thumb screw is easy just lift the roof off!  There is access holes for a ladder, there is only a door on roof the rest are open holes.  This design was not as sturdy as I would have liked,the blade screw attachment was too close to the roof, because the thumb screw has to be horizontal for the roof to fit on square.

Windmill in pieces.

Bottom of windmill

Third Floor

Windmill #6
I love this Windmill!  Windmill #6 has recessed openings for more play potential on each level (the doors are not recessed.)  The blade attachment was lowered so the thumb screw can be tightened and the blades still rotate!  There is a small "ring" around the top two levels making this a much sturdier design.  This model has the "old brick" design on it.  The bricks are not as uniform as the brick design on windmill #3 & #1, this redesign of the bricks was from a suggestion. There are added imperfections to the “old brick” bricks. (The difference between the bricks maybe hard to see with these small pictures.)

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