Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Farm Set Painted

I finished painting the Heroclix Farm Set.  This is my first idea on how to set the terrain up.  White squares are starting points.  (I need to make more square map tiles, using green paper where I ran out.)

 I removed the white squares.
 Cemetery Painted
 Hiding behind the trees and going over hindering terrain.  The red "bricks" could be picked up and thrown as a light object. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Heroclix Farm Set (Superman)

I had some people who wanted Heroclix terrain and thought about it for a few days...then it dawned on me that the farm set is perfect for Superman!  So I redesigned it.  The farm house is larger then the war game house!  The HC house is one piece (once glued together) where the WG house is four pieces (after gluing.)  WG house is closed on all sides, the HC house is open in the back. 

I added a porch and got told the house was too plain on the roof so I added a sun design.  
 Here it is with some tiles around it.  I left the doors off the barn to show how the squares would match up.  There also is some hindering terrain shown. 
 Back of the house with furniture.  Added a hole it the roof for more play area.  There is one stairway and railing in this set that can be moved anywhere.  There also are pans for the kitchen. 
 Furniture that is in the house.  Notice the two pans. 
The porch, it has a swing that swings! 
 The porch is detachable from the house and free standing. 
 The barn.  Doors do not stay up well, they need to be painted to stick in there better. 
 Pieces of the barn.
The back wall of the barn was cut out to allow for easy access. 
 Superman's "man cave" in Smallville he hung out in the barn loft a lot so here is a couch and chest. 
 Top view of the bridge. 
I added this to my Kickstarter at: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1368936178/wargame-terrain-for-table-top-games-farm-set

Friday, August 10, 2012

Heroclix Building and Vending Machines

I made this building and vending machines.
 The side has a hole that is removable.
 Ladder for the non-flyers out there.
 Back of building.
 Close-up of the vending machines.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hindering Terrain

I like making hindering terrain, it is easy and fun!  All I need is a set of squares as a base and random "trash" and lots of glue.  These were designed for the city, to look like trashed streets.  They also work for a farm set, since I know of some farms that have "trash" piles.  I made the doors to the closet in the bedroom of the farm set too big, so they made great "trash" on these piles.  Cut off ladders are also in here.  The building ladder access hole (on the inside of the building) is the tome stone looking piece, the square pieces are the cutout from the windows.  There are a lot of my mess ups in here and extra sections that get cut out. 
 I try to make three to four of the top pieces at the same level so figures can stand on them.  The newer bases do not set straight on some of the squares due to the middle of the bottom of their base being indented (it is not "flat" like the two previous versions.)  D&D minis also will stand straight on most of the piles.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Adjustable Castle Walls

So I try to design terrain that is easy to store.  Most of the time folding/flat pack terrain gets too may complaints from the local "fan club" (aka the guys) so I design for looks first and storage second.  So I was going to post this set to see what people thought of it because the guys were giving it all thumbs down but I still really liked it.  Well, as I was writing this post the idea to fix their main complaint came to me, so the fix is posted below.  The biggest complaint is that there is no walkway between the towers.  Other complaints: "Wood fort but not a castle."  "The fun part is shooting from the walkways." 

The blocks are about one inch long by half an inch high.  This is the not perfect stone so there is a little bit of variance of distance.  The one inch stones were requested to save from measuring as often. 

Looking into the castle walls
Looking out from the castle walls
Different wall pieces I have made.
As I was posting this I think I figured out how to have a walkway too.   So here is an approved (by the guys) easy to store castle wall set.

Here is half a set shown.   So this would easily fit in a box for easy storage.  I was asked to add doors to the ends of the walkways.  Will have to do for design 3!  I was going to design stairs for the set but the guys were fine with ladders.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Maker Faire Jewelry

The other weekend I went to the Maker Faire.  I was there early enough to sign up for a TechShop class they were having for free!  (They were only having 4 students an hour!  So I was lucky to get a spot!)  They were using the Bologna Sandwich Casting method, which later I found the Instructables written by one of their members. (http://www.instructables.com/id/Using-Lasers-with-Paper-Molds-Pewter-Bologna-Sa/)  I chose the animal (Chameleon) and it was laser cut out of mat board, then I chose the designs!

After I got home I added a hole and made this necklace with the pendent.  (I already had bought chameleon beads I wanted to make a necklace out of and had the other beads left over from other projects.)

As I was taking the picture for the Chameleon necklace I remembered I never took pictures of some necklaces I made in the last few months.  Micheal's Craft store was having a clearance of some pendents a few months ago so I bought some to try a few different ideas with.  The glass turtle necklace has "Amy" engraved on it, but is really hard to see.  I did not want to over shadow the glass design on it...

The previous turtle necklace I made with these beads I did not like as much so when I got this larger metal pendent I remade it.  The glass turtles have my name engraved on their sides and the main pendent has the inside and back engraved with CerMark.  I wear this one often on days I go to the gym, thus it has some marks from being in the bottom of my gym bag.  (I really need to put a jewelry case in my gym bag.)

The earrings are small charms I got and made into earrings.  

 Inside of the pendent.

Back of the pendent.

This one has a logo on it I grayed out, I like the colors and details of this set (it matches an outfit for work.)
 This one I did not engrave I wanted a green and blue necklace but also wanted to add orange to it so this is how it ended up!
 Love this one!  Engraved my name in it!
 I originally bought this pendent to be a painting in a doll house.  Then decided to engrave my name in it and filled in the engraving with black, turned out great!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Furniture for Buildings

Here is a start on some furniture I was testing the other day.

 A kitchen set.  Fridge, counter with sink and glass top stove, table and chair. 
 A bed, checking the size for this, half-ling is on the floor. 
 Size of mini.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Stadium Seating I was testing.  This has 1.5" wide "seats" for minis to stand on and also could double as a display stand.  I designed it with open space like a high school stadium. 

Back & Side