Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Adjustable Castle Walls

So I try to design terrain that is easy to store.  Most of the time folding/flat pack terrain gets too may complaints from the local "fan club" (aka the guys) so I design for looks first and storage second.  So I was going to post this set to see what people thought of it because the guys were giving it all thumbs down but I still really liked it.  Well, as I was writing this post the idea to fix their main complaint came to me, so the fix is posted below.  The biggest complaint is that there is no walkway between the towers.  Other complaints: "Wood fort but not a castle."  "The fun part is shooting from the walkways." 

The blocks are about one inch long by half an inch high.  This is the not perfect stone so there is a little bit of variance of distance.  The one inch stones were requested to save from measuring as often. 

Looking into the castle walls
Looking out from the castle walls
Different wall pieces I have made.
As I was posting this I think I figured out how to have a walkway too.   So here is an approved (by the guys) easy to store castle wall set.

Here is half a set shown.   So this would easily fit in a box for easy storage.  I was asked to add doors to the ends of the walkways.  Will have to do for design 3!  I was going to design stairs for the set but the guys were fine with ladders.

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