Saturday, August 11, 2012

Heroclix Farm Set (Superman)

I had some people who wanted Heroclix terrain and thought about it for a few days...then it dawned on me that the farm set is perfect for Superman!  So I redesigned it.  The farm house is larger then the war game house!  The HC house is one piece (once glued together) where the WG house is four pieces (after gluing.)  WG house is closed on all sides, the HC house is open in the back. 

I added a porch and got told the house was too plain on the roof so I added a sun design.  
 Here it is with some tiles around it.  I left the doors off the barn to show how the squares would match up.  There also is some hindering terrain shown. 
 Back of the house with furniture.  Added a hole it the roof for more play area.  There is one stairway and railing in this set that can be moved anywhere.  There also are pans for the kitchen. 
 Furniture that is in the house.  Notice the two pans. 
The porch, it has a swing that swings! 
 The porch is detachable from the house and free standing. 
 The barn.  Doors do not stay up well, they need to be painted to stick in there better. 
 Pieces of the barn.
The back wall of the barn was cut out to allow for easy access. 
 Superman's "man cave" in Smallville he hung out in the barn loft a lot so here is a couch and chest. 
 Top view of the bridge. 
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