Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hindering Terrain

I like making hindering terrain, it is easy and fun!  All I need is a set of squares as a base and random "trash" and lots of glue.  These were designed for the city, to look like trashed streets.  They also work for a farm set, since I know of some farms that have "trash" piles.  I made the doors to the closet in the bedroom of the farm set too big, so they made great "trash" on these piles.  Cut off ladders are also in here.  The building ladder access hole (on the inside of the building) is the tome stone looking piece, the square pieces are the cutout from the windows.  There are a lot of my mess ups in here and extra sections that get cut out. 
 I try to make three to four of the top pieces at the same level so figures can stand on them.  The newer bases do not set straight on some of the squares due to the middle of the bottom of their base being indented (it is not "flat" like the two previous versions.)  D&D minis also will stand straight on most of the piles.

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