Sunday, August 5, 2012

Maker Faire Jewelry

The other weekend I went to the Maker Faire.  I was there early enough to sign up for a TechShop class they were having for free!  (They were only having 4 students an hour!  So I was lucky to get a spot!)  They were using the Bologna Sandwich Casting method, which later I found the Instructables written by one of their members. (  I chose the animal (Chameleon) and it was laser cut out of mat board, then I chose the designs!

After I got home I added a hole and made this necklace with the pendent.  (I already had bought chameleon beads I wanted to make a necklace out of and had the other beads left over from other projects.)

As I was taking the picture for the Chameleon necklace I remembered I never took pictures of some necklaces I made in the last few months.  Micheal's Craft store was having a clearance of some pendents a few months ago so I bought some to try a few different ideas with.  The glass turtle necklace has "Amy" engraved on it, but is really hard to see.  I did not want to over shadow the glass design on it...

The previous turtle necklace I made with these beads I did not like as much so when I got this larger metal pendent I remade it.  The glass turtles have my name engraved on their sides and the main pendent has the inside and back engraved with CerMark.  I wear this one often on days I go to the gym, thus it has some marks from being in the bottom of my gym bag.  (I really need to put a jewelry case in my gym bag.)

The earrings are small charms I got and made into earrings.  

 Inside of the pendent.

Back of the pendent.

This one has a logo on it I grayed out, I like the colors and details of this set (it matches an outfit for work.)
 This one I did not engrave I wanted a green and blue necklace but also wanted to add orange to it so this is how it ended up!
 Love this one!  Engraved my name in it!
 I originally bought this pendent to be a painting in a doll house.  Then decided to engrave my name in it and filled in the engraving with black, turned out great!

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