Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to make a doll mattress

Easy mattress for doll furniture

Need to know size of mattress needed:
Height =
Width =
Thickness =
Seam Allowance =

Layout above with your dimensions.
Sew (wrong sides together) the corners together (Red double corner arrows), should look like you are sewing a 45 degree angle from the top.
Now the mattress will look like a box with a lid.
With wrong sides together sew the bottom to the sides, leave a hole for stuffing.
Turn right side out.
Stuff mattress.
Sew hole shut.
Put sewn hole in back or on bottom of project.
Optional: can add yarn ties to mattress if too fluffy or if you like the old fashion look, trim yarn tails.

Other mattress ideas:
Sponges if you can find them big enough (Do not get the wet ones)

Towels/wash cloths (Folded up)

Foam from the craft store cut to fit (do not have a picture of this) Use a electric knife to cut it easy.


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