Sunday, June 2, 2013

Local Gameing Store - L & J Hobbies AKA FamilyHobbyShops

For those of you who did not know that the L & J Hobbies store had a new owner (as of 4 years ago) it is now owned by Travis and his kids and wife can be randomly found working there.  I did not venture in there thinking it was "just" a train store, well a few months ago I found their website.  It is more then "just" a train store.  It has trains, planes and 40K!!!!!!!

Travis has at least 8 different tables he can set up with different themes from lava world to farmland world, blue world (ice, water, egg) and more!  Thursday night is 40K night and he is open late.  My husband and I have been wandering down there on Thursdays to see what is going on.  This store also has my terrain for sale and most of the pieces painted up for play, so if you would like to save on shipping and try before you buy, head on down to the Family Hobby Shops in Portage.  Their website is

My husband has been designing some pieces of terrain so look for it soon!  (Not sure if it will be posted here on "Amy's Crazy Crafts" or our business website of KABCNCCreations.)

MLP army
 Part of Skittles' MLP army, supper cool!

Gray Knights

One of the army's I was looking at, decided to go with a Chaos army.  (Skittles already has a Grey Knight MLP army.)

Airbrush building
 A building I made to show different windows.  I painted it with Travis's airbrush.

 Part of Travis's train display, I liked the dozers on it.

Game on!
 Game in progress with my tree in the middle, it was painted by another gamer with Travis's airbrush.

Flat pack dice tower

Travis figured out how to flat pack a dice tower (add rubber bands instead of glue!) To the left of the dice tower is a super cool piece of very detailed terrain Travis just finished.


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