Thursday, October 1, 2015


Etsy - Amy's Crazy Crafts
I have been in love with these diffusers I have been making! I love the look of them the feel of them and how great they diffuse the oil I put on them! But I was wondering how well they would hold up to real life, so I have been putting Amy's Coffee to the test! I love how it has been holding up!

This is the original charm a few months ago.
 This was after I had showered with it a few times then forgot it in the shower for about a week.
 This was before I started taking it swimming in a real pool. (Compared to a pond or lake.)
 This is it after a few weeks of swimming. (I swim at least a hour at a time and about twice a week.) The smell is pretty much gone, so I will have to refresh it.

Buy them here:  Etsy - Amy's Crazy Crafts

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